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Green Bee We Taxi and Errand Service is the service formally known as Busy Bee We Errand Service. Busy Bee We was established during the spring of 2004 and has served Columbia County and surrounding counties since that time. Busy Bee We Errand Service changed its name due to the addition of the hybrid-vehicle for taxi and errand services. Our hybrid taxi is not green in color, but the technology is environmentally friendly, hence the "green" in Green Bee We.

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"Hurt not the earth, neither the sea nor the trees," Revelations.

We still serve the very first client who called to retain our services. I remember that first job just like it was yesterday; we hauled a pile of leaves away for that client. A few months later I drove her vehicle to Florida for her and since that time we've made many trips to and from the airport together. We have continued to serve most of our clients that retained our services during the first year Busy Bee We began. These clients have patiently transitioned with us to Green Bee We Taxi and Errand Services. We are so grateful for their support.

Green Bee We is a sole proprietorship, at this time owned and operated by me, Kelly Colomey. I've lived in the Columbia County area most of my life, and have lived in the hamlet of Chatham Center for the past 17 years.

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I have enjoyed serving my community and neighboring communities. It has been a rewarding experience owning my business here. I've met some really wonderful people who have made it possible for me to not only continue my business endeavors but to venture out and expand. It is my desire to continue to serve my community to the very best of my ability while helping to protect all of the beautiful, natural assets Columbia County has to offer.

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Client References"Kelly Colomey, owner of Busy Bee We Errand Service, has performed a variety of services for us. We have known Kelly for approximately three years starting 7/04. She is an excellent worker being timely, efficient, enthusiastic, energetic and positive concerning all occasions. Her business service is reliable, dependable, and flexible about the needs of the client." Patricia and Richard D. Old Chatham, NY

"Kelly Colomey is an integral partner in helping us maintain our second home. In addition to cleaning and snow plowing services, Kelly has handled important personal matters for our family for four years. She is always on the lookout for potential issues with our home, and proactively solves them. Kelly is extremely reliable and trustworthy and has a very strong work ethic". Michelle C. and David K. New York, New York

"Kelly Colomey has worked for me at my home for the past three years. She has been reliable and professional with all her duties and tasks. I would recommend her highly." David F. A. W. Canaan, NY

"For the past two years it has been my good fortune to have Kelly Colomey help me with household tasks on a regular basis. I have come to know and respect her many abilities. She is an honest, energetic, hard working woman who is consistently dependable and trustworthy.." Shirley R. Old Chatham, NY

"Kelly Colomey has worked for me for the past three years and has shown remarkable consistency in fulfilling her duties. She always notifies me if there is a scheduling problem and often offers to handle additional problems as they might arise. She is careful in accounting and follows through on each agreement. I recommend her highly as a business woman." Jean D. East Chatham, NY

"Green Bee We is the best taxi service you can call. Kelly's ability to be punctual no matter how icy or snowy the day, brings her way past reliable and closer to incredible. Her warmth and caring persona matches her ability to get you where you need to be in a safe and timely fashion. We recommend her highly." Alan and Sharyn Flesher

"Green Bee Wee is wonderful! Kelly Colomey provides excellent, prompt, accessible and environmentally friendly taxi and personal service with a smile! Powell House has used her services on many occasions and she is now our taxi of choice. She is always happy to help and accommodating to our schedule. She even purchased a car seat when needed for one client. All of our guests have enjoyed the ride and the kids especially think it is 'way cool" that she is using a Hybrid. It's a great way to get to Powell House! " The Staff of Powell House, 524 Pitt Hall Rd, Old Chatham, NY 12136 518-794-8811

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